Garden Suites

What distinguishes Punjab Design & Constructions from others?

Punjab Design & Constructions provides a perfect blend of innovative design and meticulous
construction in their legal basement renovations, residential settings, Custom Houses, and Commercial units.

  • We provide seamless integrated Basement Renovations. Utilize your basement for efficient
    bedrooms, entertainment spaces, or home offices. We guarantee seamless integration with overall home design.
  • ·Our designers utilize maximum space and provide intelligent solutions. Designers offer efficient space utilization, helping with creative solutions to optimize existing areas with alluring layouts, enhancing functionality and appeal.
  • Elevate Your Home with Architectural Statements Our designs elevate your property with excellent architectural upgrades, from contemporary to traditional designs. We make a lasting impact, increasing appeal and ROI. We merge present-day flair and traditional charm, elevating home appeal for long-lasting impressions.

Our in-depth services serve a variety of residential and commercial needs, ensuring
excellence in every project.

1. Basement Finishing

Basement can be finished for owner’s use as well as Second unit to be rented to separate family. We are experts in transforming unused spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing areas. Our professional team maximizes the potential of basements, creating additional living space, entertainment areas, or home offices.

2. Second unit Legal Basement

We guarantee that our designs comply with all legal second unit regulations and standards in
basement renovations. We provide services that cover everything from permits to construction and getting inspections approved by city, thus facilitating a smooth and hassle free process.

3. Garden Suite

They are Additional Dwelling units detached from the main house built in the rear or side yard. These would have bedroom, living, dining, cooking, washroom and laundry spaces. Different municipalities have different permitted sizes and heights. Contact us for further information.

4. Custom Home Design

Our designers are determined to design unique and customized new home designs that showcase your style and preferences. From present-day to classic, designers work closely with customers to transform their dreams into reality.

5. Commercial Unit Permits

Our efficient team helps clients procure permits for commercial unit construction or renovation projects. We drive the complex permit process, guaranteeing compliance with local regulations and accelerating the approval process.

Designers mainly focus on premium craftsmanship and customer satisfaction; we strive to meet and exceed customer’s expectations in every dimension of our services. Trust us to convert your vision to reality and design spaces that truly inspire.

Collaborate with our designers, who provide expert services to ensure compliance with local
regulations and permits. We mainly focus on the client’s comfort, ambiance, and
sustainability to craft an engaging dining environment that enhances your concept and reflects with visitors. A detailed planned restaurant design, executed with care and concern, provides a memorable experience for patrons, offering loyalty and positive word-of-mouth. Trust our experts to realize your vision, designing a space where guests not only dine but also enjoy an immersive culinary journey

Our team can speak Hindi, Punjabi, English and Urdu.

Whether you are owner or contractor we are there to facilitate your requirement and help you.